Siera and Geoff’s Old Mills Inn Wedding

Siera and Geoff truly are a wonderfully imaginative and creative couple to behold. The unique theme they chose for their wedding centered on their shared love and appreciation for agriculture and more specifically everyone’s favourite cultivators of honey, better known as bees. Siera and Geoff’s love for all things farm, plant and fauna based has been fostered by Siera’s ongoing professional work in the agriculture sector, and the couple’s immense passion for travel. We were immeasurably excited to plan and execute dynamic and truly innovative editorial shots to perfectly showcase Siera and Geoff’s brilliantly ingenious wedding theme.

Siera and Geoff’s beautiful and more traditional ceremony was held in the morning at their church and the reception was later held at the Old Mills Inn. The Old Mills Inn nestled in the majestic Humber Valley in Toronto’s west end proved to be a very inspired choice of venue. Its lavish15th and 16th century Western European inspired décor, lush greenery, stonework and the Inn’s commendable and industry leading dedication to environmental conservation made this the ideal venue to bring Siera and Geoff’s dream wedding to life.

Siera and Geoff’s strong work ethic and creativity was present all throughout their beautiful and charming wedding. They inventively designed their wedding cake, wedding bands and other décor to flawlessly showcase their splendid agricultural theme. Their boundless amounts of energy, charm and cheerful dispositions made planning and executing shots on their special day an absolute breeze.

We sincerely send Siera and Geoff our warmest wishes for a happy, healthy and successful life together.

Old Mills Inn Wedding by LaMemoir Photography, Toronto’s candid and fun Wedding Photographe


Old Mills Inn Wedding by LaMemoir Photography, Toronto’s candid and fun Wedding Photographer.

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