Maternity Photo Sessions

At LaMemoir Photography, we take great pride in crafting the most innovative, spectacular and simply timeless engagement and wedding photos. As dedicated and passionate editorial photographers, we are always striving to take our creativity and ingenuity to new leaps and bounds. We are immensely thrilled to announce that we will now be curating and shooting maternity portrait photo shoots. With these new photo shoots, we aim to gorgeously capture all of the natural beauty and grace of expectant mothers and motherhood. This new imaginative direction in our editorial photography will gloriously compliment our current and past engagement and wedding editorial work.

For our inaugural maternity shoot, we decided to play with and capture a few different themes and elements. We wanted the photos to have a classic and serene feel with a modern elegant twist. We utilized lush floral and greenery arrangements, balloons, and chic dresses to expertly execute our vision. The crisp white backdrops and dresses in each photo beautifully tied all the themes and elements together.

The soft pastel colour scheme in floral life, greenery and chair, gives our first and second photos the perfect mixture of classic and serene tones. Fresh, blooming flowers are often seen as a classic and stunning representation of expectant mothers and motherhood. The dreamy muted pink, green and blue tones of the floral life, greenery and chair, give the photos the perfect air of serenity and whimsy. The expert and flawless posing and exquisite dresses each of our two gorgeous and glowing expectant models are wearing, gives each photo an elegant and chic editorial feel. One of our favourite parts of these two photos by far, are the blissful and loving expressions on the faces of each of our lovely expectant models.

The modern and serene tones in our last photo produced an editorial photo that was effortlessly fashion-forward. We decided to add white balloons in this shot to pay tribute to our lovely model’s expectant silhouette and to add a bold pop of playfulness. The loving and peaceful expression on our expectant model’s face is the perfect finishing touch to a truly gorgeous and poignant shot.

Each photo in our inaugural maternity shoot, tells a gorgeous and poignant story about the beautiful journey of motherhood. We are elated to continue on this new creative path and cannot wait  to craft more captivating and meaningful maternity photos.

Toronto Maternity Photographer | Toronto Portrait Photographer

Toronto Maternity Photographer | Toronto Portrait Photographer | 多伦多孕妇照

Toronto Maternity Photographer | Toronto Portrait Photographer

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