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Photography Styles

As story telling photographers, we want our images to convey the raw emotions and authentic moments in a beautiful and artful way, that reflect who you really are and lead you to imaginations beyond what you see.  We also love to produce some editorial and magazine cover like photos as part of your special day image collection! We take equal importance of  work of art images as well as allowing you to truly and fully enjoy the magical and unique experience.

We believe compelling images are results of joint effort, hence we would also take part in helping you plan in advance from a photography perspective. This can be a very exciting brainstorming and trust building process. Our goal is to help you realize your dream and we will put in all of our heart and soul in making it happen.

We are absolutely adventurous and hell ya we can go on an epic destination photo shoot with you, either it is the top of the mountain or deep in the sea.


Image Styles  

For those of you who would like to get some insight on some art styles, we have tried to generalize them into four broad categories.  Luckily you do not have to worry about any of these technicality, just enjoy the experience and let us know styles of your preference. Your digital pictures will most likely be a combination of different styles. Albums however can be additionally tailored towards particular styles for consistency in designing.

Natural Romantic – vivid and natural

Film – Vintage, Classical, Black and White

HDR – Editorial high fashion style images that offer extra sharpness and very contrasty

Fine Art – painterly like, often theme inspired photos (Creative retouching)


Digital Post Production

In today’s digital era, we have gone above and beyond simple photo processing by utilizing the latest digital technology into the effortless creation of our art work. At LaMemoir, we never settle on creativity and innovation. We are happy to incorporate our client’s imagery and our imagination into the images we produce. Here are some real examples to describe our creative process and its limitations in the real world.

“Original Take” are photos captured on camera by the photographer’s professional and artistic judgement according to the actual situation. This process is the most crucial part of the image production: lighting, angles and perspective as well as directions given to clients for still life portraits. This part can be extremely tricky and photographers have to respond quickly to ever changing situations on a fast paced wedding day. The key and beauty of photojournalism is always to capture the moment in its most authentic way! We take a unlimited photos in this process to ensure we get what we need. Of course, we will filter out photos before passing the final set to our client.

Original Take – Low light condition, no external lighting allowed. Please advise guests not to get in the way because they would ruin your photos! Guests should respect our couple and just enjoy the day!

LaMemoir-Original Capture in Low Light

Post productionLevel 2 Editing at Wedding Photography grade. This is the fully edited image that our clients should expect for this photo. It will be saved in high resolution without watermark. The Editing process includes many post production techniques such as adjustments to brightness, contrast and sharpness, colour enhancement, some photographic effects…


Post productionLevel 2 Retouching. Retouching differs significant from editing both visually and technically. In addition to editing, retouching includes graphic body fine turning, skin enhancement, background cleaning, and additions of special graphics at our highest retouching level. Unlike editing, retouching often requires hand painting which require a significant amount of time. Sometimes a single photo can take up to a couple days 🙂 Retouched images will be given to you as part of your wedding day sneak peeks within a few days following your special day.

Notice in this example, the person in the way was manually taken out by our magical hands…because he was so persistent during the entire session, we could not get a clean shot of the foreground at all while our couple was enjoying their moment and walking out happily! Remember on fast paced wedding day, photographers will definitely not able to have control over guests in situations like this. We feel terribly sorry for our couple because we had discussed together many times on this topic and everyone had spent so much effort in planning this bubble session. The consequence was such a pain to manually paint and install the feet from somewhere else while making sure the reflection and lighting are right…This was a mission impossible made possible, especially for fast paced weddings. Frankly, rescue mission like this one rarely happens and is not to be expected in the photography package. We were happy and very lucky to save the day for our couple.


Post productionLevel 3 Retouching. This harry potter inspired art piece is part of our celestial fantasy collections. It is a great example of our highest level of retouching where library tables and passing people were replaced by a hand drawn star cloud. Magical flares flying around the castle walls are also artfully added. All these are special graphics. Luckily we are able to set up some of our lighting equipment during this couture prewedding session in Pittsburgh.


Here is another excellent couture prewedding piece shot at Ed Mirvish Theatre near Dundas Square, Toronto


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