Karen + Johnny’s Wedding at Casa Loma, Toronto

From the moment that we met Karen and Johnny, we knew that their wedding would be one truly for the books. Their stunningly elegant and regal wedding was held in one of Toronto’s most renowned wedding venues; the early 20th century gothic revival house better known as Castle Loma. As photographers, we could not have chosen a more perfect venue ourselves to stage and capture wedding photos that were truly fit for a Princess and Prince. Please read on for the following story! A Casa Loma Regal wedding by LaMemoir Photography.

Karen and Johnny were a couple that knew exactly what they wanted for their elegant and regal affair. They opted against the more modern route of hiring a wedding planner and chose rather to plan their wedding themselves. We were beside ourselves with excitement to work with such an innovative and composed couple that we were able to so easily and warmly connect with.

Any wedding photographer greatly appreciates the ideal venue to build the ideal foundation that will support and foster the best shots possible. In addition to the importance of the venue, staging and lighting were very important finishing touches that we utilized to capture the perfect shots.

Staging wedding photos is one of the most challenging and rewarding aspects of our job. For Karen and Johnny’s wedding, we strove to create and execute truly innovative poses for the bride, groom and their wedding party. We wanted to stay loyal to their elegant royal theme with each and every photo we staged. In our solo shots of Karen, we staged each shot to look like an elegant princess blissfully preparing for one of the most important days of her life. When it came to staging the ideal shots with the bride, groom and their wedding party we went both the classic and more whimsical routes. We staged some group shots that were worthy to be featured in any fashion editorial spread. We then decided to turn direction for a while and stage some more whimsical lighter groups shots by having the wedding party pose as if they were being featured in an upscale liquor advertisement. Needless to say each and every shot of solely the bride and groom needed no additional work to capture their beauty, grace and endless love for one another.

Utilizing the ideal lighting was to key to set up each shot effectively. We were able to take advantage of the soft beauty of the abundant natural light from outside thanks to the beautifully large and ornate windows that were present in each room we shot in. We further complimented the natural lighting with the elegant sconces and grand chandeliers that were also present. Yet again rich and regal purple was front and centre (in the form of back and uplighting in the ceremony and reception spaces) to cohesively tie together Karen and Johnny’s elegant and regal theme. In yet another one of our favourite shots, we posed Karen and Johnny in a fairytale romantic embrace with each of them holding a whimsical flickering sparkler. They were front and centre with the majestic Castle Loma lit up behind them in glorious orange, red and purple tones. This was truly the perfect shot to effortlessly capture Karen and Johnny’s elegant and royal themed wedding.

At LaMemoir Photography, it will always be our pleasure to create and capture your most important wedding memories for you to cherish forever. Thank you Karen and Johnny once again in trusting us to unleash all of our creativity.

Wedding Planner: Karen and Johnny

Venue: Castle Loma

Wedding Ceremony: The Conservatory

Wedding Reception: The Library

Flowers: Bloor Village Flowers

Band/DJ: Tone Labs Music

Karen and Johnny’s Regal Wedding at Casa Loma

Karen and Johnny’s Regal Wedding at Casa Loma Toronto

Karen, Johnny and their wedding party dripped in style and sophistication with their classic and elegant wedding attire. Purple in various shades and tones was a colour scheme which was thoughtfully chosen by Karen and Johnny to visually represent their wedding theme in a classic manner.

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Karen was a breathtaking vision of queenly sophistication in her three wedding looks. Her ceremony dress was a classic white strapless ball gown, which had a delicate lace overlay that adorned the bodice and top of the skirt. Come reception time she donned a glitzy strapless champagne trumpet style gown and additionally a more classic strapless A-line gown in a striking ruby red shade. Casa Loma Wedding with Regal and Glamorous style by LaMemoir Photography

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We were immensely fortunate that Karen so thoughtfully put her trust into us to stage and capture some remarkably beautiful and intimate shots of her while she was getting ready for her big day. One of our absolute favourite shots from the day was a solo shot of Karen all done up in her ceremony gown. She was standing near one of the many grand windows in Castle Loma with her veil ever so effervescently flowing in the air. The poignancy and sheer happiness on Karen’s face was simply gorgeous, and made this shot one of our most special of the day. Casa Loma Wedding with Regal and Glamorous style by LaMemoir Photography

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Her bridesmaids were equally as breathtaking in their dreamy, flowing Grecian inspired gowns in different shades of that aptly chosen regal purple.

Casa Loma Wedding with Regal and Glamorous style by LaMemoir Photography

Casa Loma Wedding with Regal and Glamorous style by LaMemoir Photography

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Johnny’s groomsmen were similarly smartly outfitted in charcoal grey tuxedos with regal dark purple bowties.  Casa Loma Wedding with Regal and Glamorous style by LaMemoir Photography

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Johnny looked every inch fit to ascend any royal throne with his smartly chic dark navy blue tuxedo, which was contrasted with an elegant black peak style lapel. Groom wedding portrait at Casa Loma. Casa Loma Wedding with Regal and Glamorous style by LaMemoir Photography

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A vanity fair inspired stylized wedding group photo session in the conservatory of Casa Loma. Casa Loma Wedding with Regal and Glamorous style by LaMemoir Photography

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The ceremony and reception spaces could not have been more appropriate to capture the romance and beauty of Karen and Johnny’s wedding in photographic form. The ceremony was held in Castle Loma’s gloriously decadent Conservatory which was simply stunning with its Italian stained glass domed ceiling, crisp marble floors and lively plant and flower life. Casa Loma Wedding with Regal and Glamorous style by LaMemoir Photography

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Their reception was later held in the venue’s library, which was equally as decadent and opulent with its many grand bookcases carved out of rich cherry wood. Casa Loma Wedding with Regal and Glamorous style by LaMemoir Photography


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