Jonelle and Russ’s Ethereal Engagement Photo Session at Scarborough Bluffs/Bluffers Park

When we first met two-time Olympian for the Canadian Women’s Soccer team Jonelle Filigno and her lovely fiancé Russ, we knew we had met a truly warm and special couple. Jonelle and Russ came to us extremely organized to discuss details about their engagement photo shoot in Toronto. They knew precisely that they wanted us to capture ethereal, airy and natural stylized photos of them on their photo session.

When we were picturing the perfect location to capture these ethereal, airy and natural photos, images of crystal clear blue water framed by a plush sandy beach popped immediately into our minds. Toronto’s east end waterfront stunner The Scarborough Bluffs with its majestic 20 storey white sandstone cliffs, that harbour a fairytale inspired radiant green meadow at its top and features a picturesque beach at its base, was the perfect location to bring Jonelle and Russ’s vision to life.

On the day of the shoot the boundless warm and positive energy that Jonelle and Russ brought with them, made our jobs as photographers that much easier. With a little guidance from us, Jonelle and Russ were able to strike poses that were effortlessly natural, chic and radiating with their eternal love for one another. The result of our combined labour that day was engagement photos worthy to be featured in any editorial spread.

Set adrift the stunning shoreline of Bluffer’s Park beach, Jonelle ever so softly clasps her husband to be’s cheek in a warm and loving embrace. We suggested Jonelle and Russ drape that crisp, classic white shawl over themselves to take a visually stunning shot. The white of the shawl also represents the purity of their love for one another and is a perfect finishing touch.

As Russ ever so effortlessly and chicly sits atop a rock on the beach’s shoreline, he holds Jonelle tightly in a romantic embrace, as they both dreamily and happily gaze out to the water. Perhaps they are thinking about all their many blissful years ahead of them as husband and wife?

Our bride and groom to be is having another dreamy and romantic embrace on the majestic shores of the beach. Russ ever so softly kisses his radiant bride to be, as Jonelle looks blissfully excited to be planning her future life with her husband to be. Her classic silver bracelet with a delicate heart shaped charm completes this dreamy, romantic look.

Looks like we caught our married couple to be this time in a playful loving embrace. Perhaps our radiant married couple to be is sharing a humorous story or two with another. Whatever the case may be, their beaming smiles are the look of pure blissful happiness and make this shot gorgeous.

As Russ and Jonelle casually strolled along the beach’s shoreline; we were able to get a better look at their classic, yet chic outfits we suggested they wear. Russ’s classic pale blue button down shirt and crisp white trousers blended in with the scenery at the beach seamlessly. Jonelle, who was an absolute vision of radiance, looked every inch the bride to be in her dreamy, long and flowy crisp white dress with thin delicate straps. They looked ready to enter the pages of any fashion editorial magazine.


Lush and vibrant plant life in glorious tones of greens, yellow and orange are the perfect backdrop to this shot. With the crystal clear water, and the train of Jonelle’s dress so dreamily strewn about, this shot is picture perfect.


We would be smiling from ear to ear too if we were taking a photo with the person of our dreams out in this stunning scenery.

This gorgeous shot that looks straight out of any romantic fairy tale was one of our absolute favourites from the day. Jonelle and Russ looked like they were in a majestic woodland forest. This shot is nothing short of stunning.

This shot was immensely fun to shoot. Jonelle and Russ’s playful and warm energy made this pose look so natural and effortless.

This shot is another one of our favourites from the day. We were able to capture this loving embrace of our couple just as the natural daylight perfectly danced off the water.

This fun and playful shot was also perfectly captured to take advantage of the natural daylight. The subtle blue of the clouds in the sky perfectly mixed with the crystal blue water to serve as the ideal backdrop.


This soft, romantic shot on the beach was the perfect way to end a truly triumphant engagement photo shoot. We thank Jonelle and Russ for being so immensely fantastic to work with and shoot. We warmly wish them all the best for the next chapter of their lives.


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