Wedding Boudoir Photography Photo Shoots in Toronto

In our continued efforts to revitalize our creative photography offerings, we have decided to start shooting boudoir photo shoots for our brides and grooms. We are extremely excited to take on this new and wildly creative type of photography and set forth on our new and exciting photography journey.

So, What Exactly Is Wedding Boudoir Photography?

Boudoir photography is a style of photography often rooted in intimacy and love. Boudoir photos tend to have a romantic and provocative tone to them and an underlining theme of self-empowerment. Women and men alike often pose in lingerie or other alluring attire when posing for boudoir photos and props sometimes are utilized to complete the romantic story that is being told in the photo. Wedding boudoir photography utilizes the classic aforementioned boudoir elements

with an exciting bridal twist. Brides and grooms often take part in wedding boudoir photo shoots prior to their weddings as a racy gift for their future spouse, or perhaps as a self-empowering sensuous gift for themselves

Join Us On Our New Bridal Boudoir Photography Journey

Wedding boudoir photography has definitely been gaining steam and popularity in recent times and has become one of the most trendy pre-wedding photo shoots for brides and grooms to take part in. As photographers, we are drawn to this unique type of photography and are incredibly excited to create some beautiful and poignant art.

The years that we have spent as editorial engagement and wedding photographers have been the most innovative and truly special years of our professional lives. We love getting to work with creative and warm couples in such a high-level editorial capacity. Therefore, it was an absolute no-brainer for us to decide to enter the world of wedding boudoir photography. We love taking the relaxed and intimate nature of wedding boudoir photo shoots and interjecting it with our signature stylized editorial flair, to create some truly gorgeous and poignant photos.

Easily one of our favourite aspects of wedding boudoir photography is the strong theme of self-empowerment. Wedding boudoir and boudoir photography as a whole is an art form that at its core is meant to empower and make every single person who takes part in it feel beautiful and loved. Absolutely anyone can model in a bridal boudoir photo shoot and will look and feel utterly stunning and gorgeous. As editorial photographers, it is our job to make each and every person we photograph feel beautiful and strong in each and every photo we take of them. It is a true honour for us to be able to celebrate beauty of all kinds in each and every photo we take.

Wedding Boudoir Photography Is For Everyone

If you are in the stressful throes of wedding planning taking a little time away from it  to dedicate to yourself is an absolute necessity. It can be incredibly easy to lose yourself in the process of organizing and planning such an important event and taking part in something as uplifting and intimate like a wedding boudoir photo shoot can be the perfect pick-me-up. Wedding boudoir photography will always be 100% inclusive and celebrate and honour the beauty of everyone it captures. There is no art more beautiful than that.

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