Hi There. We’re thrilled that you’ve found us! Let us tell you a bit more about us and LaMemoir.

We are Max and Ricci, artists in love and in love with telling your stories through our lenses.

Our journey of love started soon after we met at age 12. 18 years later today, through all of life’s ups and downs, we feel truly blessed to be able to keep falling in love with one another day after day. Our passion towards photography is a key component of our fairytale life. Through our lenses, we continuously find beauty, inspiration, and appreciation in each other, and in life.

We are passionate and bold to experience different life styles and cultures around the world. Our cameras took us to so many fascinating and specular places on earth, left us with countless memories, emotions, and unforgettable moments from over 50 countries. To us, life is a journey of loving, creating, sharing and discovering. World traveling is not only a passion but also a part of our life. We are happy to shoot destination weddings at any corner of the world, to capture that special moment for you, to share our creativity, and to discover the beauty of life, through you!




How extremely lucky we are, being able to turn our passion of photography into our careers, and live the life of our dreams!


When we first started our relationship, we were soon separated by distance. We nurtured our seed of love across the ocean by writing each other letters. Countless love letters have left us invaluable evidence of our feelings; each time we revisited them, they feathered our hearts and reminded us how much we’ve always treasured our relationship.


We want our photos to do the same for you as our love notes for us! We want LaMemoir to be the feather pen that writes your unique love story in every picture we take, we want our feather be that of cupid’s wings.


Our goal is to live a truly unique experience with you; and to capture the heart warming moments on your special day, bringing you visual memoirs of those enchanting feelings you would never forget.


With a background in film and fashion, we always strive to be creative in telling your stories through our lenses. If you are looking for something fun, daring and ethereal, we are also available to shoot UNDERWATER!

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