Amy and David’s Kurtz Orchards Farm and Market Place In Niagara on the Lake Wedding

Australia the “land down under” that is renowned for its vast and stunning scenic landscapes, plant and fauna life holds a very dear place in the hearts of Amy and David. The couple who both are avid and accomplished travelers first fell in love with the glorious beauty of Australia when they attended university there several years ago. Amy and David welcomed the birth of their lovely daughter Alex in their adopted homeland, and later returned back home to Canada to plan their dream wedding. Their dream wedding would end up featuring many of the gorgeous scenic elements that made them initially fall in love with Australia. Their wedding also beautifully brought together their two different cultural and religious traditions in two stunning ceremonies. We always love working with such charming, creative and organized couples like Amy and David as they never fail to inspire us to plan and execute the most dazzling wedding shots.

The Kurtz Orchards Farm and Marketplace located at Niagara on the Lake in Southern Ontario was the perfect choice of venue that embodied the spirit of Amy and David’s wedding dreams. This striking local paradise with its lush, rich orchards and vineyard perfectly mirrored the beautiful scenic landscapes and greenery that Amy and David so deeply loved back in Australia. Our editorial creativity is always pushed to the extreme when we get the opportunity to shoot weddings in such majestic and picturesque venues.

All the spectacular decorations present in the wedding were ingeniously and thoughtfully designed by Amy, David and their lovely family and friends. Amy and David’s loved ones sported equally as warm and charming demeanors which helped to make every shot we captured a true masterpiece.

We truly are honoured to have been a part of your special day Amy and David! We wish you and Alex eternal love, health and happiness.


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